Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family portrait

family pic 8x10 blur -eyes clear, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

I corralled everyone together for a family picture Sabbath morning. ~150 pictures later, this was the final product.

Strobist info: SB-600 off camera at camera left. Triggered via Nikon CLS. Nikon D80 in commander mode. SB-600 set at 1/4 manually via commander menu. SB-600 with 'abetterbouncecard' shot up at ceiling to diffuse down and forward. Natural window light from camera right. Two 2x3' posterboard reflectors on floor angled to lift some light up.

Carl and his first melons

Carl and his first melons, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Some large melons that I picked.

The vast expanse of God's canvas

The vast expanse of God's canvas, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Taken around 10:00 pm.

Exposure: 120 sec (120)
Aperture: f/3.5
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO Speed: 200

Milkyway and Night peace

Milkyway and Night peace, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Minor adjustments in Lightroom such as some sharpening and noise reduction, but for the most part straight out of the camera raw to jpg.

Exposure: 30 sec (30)
Aperture: f/3.5
Focal Length: 18 mm
ISO Speed: 640

Our House - is a very very very fine house

take over an hour after sunset. Hover over the picture to see the big dipper

Exposure: 30 sec (30)
Aperture: f/4
Focal Length: 20 mm
ISO Speed: 640