Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Early spring clouds

Early spring clouds, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

As the sun set, the last rays lit the tops of the clouds while the rest were in the dark of dusk. It was the end of an unusually warm day for March in Minnesota. 80 degree temps inside and out. The kids ran around outside with their shorts on. A beautiful end to the day.

Winter Melt

Winter Melt, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Snow on the ground, pond half melted with grass in the foreground reminding us what comes after the melt.

Brent in front of the filled pond

Brent in front of the filled pond

The rising pond

The rising pond - Brent stands at the shoreline. The day before the shoreline was 10 feet farther in.

Little creek running into the full pond

Little creek running into the full pond - The snow melt and runoff has created a mini-creek flowing into the pond

After the pond drained
After the pond drained -- sad Carl.

Bright Blue sky melting the snow
Bright Blue sky melting the snow.

Bright Blue sky behind the pines
Bright Blue sky behind the pines

Brent and the Animals

The Lamb wants to be petted!, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

The Lamb wants some attention Brent!

Holding the lamb

Ahah, caught him and now he can pet the black lamb.

Brent and the chicken

Petting another animal - this time it was one of the nice fluffy black chickens. I cornered it and caught it for him.

Keith, Becky and others

Keith and Becky, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Becky, what are you eating?


Julie gazes on at the action.

Like a proud parent
Like a proud parent - Keith stands in front of his newborn calf.

The big newborn calf

Keith's Newborn Calf


Jason looks on.

Babies in the picture.

Terri, Abigail and the chicken, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Terri holds Abigail while she observes the black chicken.

Carl showing a chicken to Abigail

Abigail learning about chickens.

Posing for a portrait

Becky loves to hold the baby nieces and nephews.


Grandpa and Grandson

Grandpa and Grandson


Cousins having lunch, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

First we see everyone around the table having lunch.

Below Jessica and Natalie share the love seat to chit chat.

Jessica and Natalie

Natalie's Perm

Natalie Before the perm, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Here she is before the perm. Beautiful smile for this photo. And below is the after photo.

Natalie after the perm

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunset picture of the family

Sunset picture of the family, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

I think with everyone looking as cold as they did, they were a bit impatient with me making them stop for a photo. I should have used more zoom I think and then stepped back to have the flash light up more below.

Will this get mud on my boots?

Natalie wonders if this will get mud all over her boots?

Walking in the creek
Walking in the creek over the rock bed. The kids feel like explorers!

Natalie trying to wrestle angel down

Natalie tries to wrestle Angel down. The briars and sticks stick to Angel's bottom.

Walking through the oak forest
On the way back to the house after a long walk. Walking through the oak forest on the way home.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad pose for a pic.

Entire Family with Gradma Maxine

Entire Family with Gradma Maxine, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Squeezed in on the couch! I think everyone got tired of all the smiling and posing. We took a variety of shots seen here and below.

Carl and Granda Maxine

Family with Grandma Maxine outside

Grandma Maxine and the kids

Monday, March 12, 2007

An eye out

An eye out, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Does the beak get cold or is it just comfortable to twist and nestle the beak under the feathers. This photo to me would have been a bit better had it not been for the poop he just squirted out as I was taking his photograph. With the kids at piano lessons, I spent some time laying down in my overalls, taking pictures at eye level with the birds.

Solo mallard on the water

Solo mallard on the water, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Alone, on the beautiful water. I envy him. I can't wait to be fishing again.

Mallards on the water

Mallards on the water, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

These were nicely lined up for a close shot and crop.


Downstroke, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Against the blue sky, the lone goose beats a down stroke. The sounds is not that much unlike flatulence.

2 look on

2 look on, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Looking on as the goose flies by. We wonder what it is like to fly.


Approach, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

The goose on his approach readies with feet extending.


Landing, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

It looks like he is going to smack the other goose in the water.

Jumping on the water

Jumping on the water, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Is it too cold? Shall I get in? Where is the corn? What thoughts go through the pea brain of the goose?

Furrowing the water

Furrowing the water, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

These two landed as geese do, furrowing into the water.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Minnesota Sunset

Minnesota Sunset, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

The blues and reds blended for a cold and warm sunset.

Sunset on the vehicles

Sunset on the vehicles, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Standing on the North side of the house, the sunset lit up the front yard with its orange/purple glow.

As night approaches

As night approaches, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Standing at the southwest corner of our house the garage in view, I capture a beautiful sky as night approached.

Our house

Our house, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

The vehicles sit in the drive. The snow melt is in progress.

Fading light in the south

Fading light in the south, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Looking south and slightly east. The fading sunset provides a touch of purple cast in the distance.


Satisfaction, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

Satisfied with the meal, Brent smiles for his picture.