Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fog on the Grass in Morning

The cool nights result in heavy morning mist or fog rolling off the grass. This wasn't the most of it. At first light the fog was dense in the little depression between the hills. I needed to shoot 3 exposures and process as an HDR to capture some of the full range of light.


Danielle, originally uploaded by Carl's Photography.

Danielle prior to going to Church. Strobist Info : SB-900 into 60" Impact reflected umbrella above. SB-800 and SB-600 camera right and left respectively and behind model for side hair light. Triggered with on board pop up flash with IR pass through filter in front.

Baby Kitty at the Farm

Over Labor Day weekend, we visited Becky's parents. Here is a baby kitty at the farm. Natalie is holding it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Close view of Brent

A Close view of Brent, originally uploaded by Carl's Photography.

That sparkle in his eye ... . Brent is as always a patient model. Strobist info - SB-900 into reflected 60" Impact umbrella with black backing on. SB-800 and SB-600 at model right and left respectively and slight behind to provide contour / edge light.