Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dad, originally uploaded by Carl's Photography.

Dad was over this winter and patiently sat for me while I photographed him testing out variouis lighting setups. Thanks!

Fishing on a deserted reservoir in Missouri.

The photos are ordered chronologically for the story. A visual tour of the location we found. It was fun hiking up through here and seeing the old stone house. The house was deserted inside with thick layers of dust. We did hike all the way out through the forest down an old overgrown gravel lane to a gate across the driveway leading out onto an old gravel road. It had a nondescript sign saying "Do not block driveway" and that was it.

We approached the end of the reservoir and saw this rock wall.

After getting out at the dam and looking over we saw this deserted rock pit.

Walking along the dam edge we came to this old foot bridge.

Looking one way we saw the overflow from the reservoir.

Looking behind we saw the trail off of the water.

We then ascended a dilapidated rock stairs.

After reaching a landing, a new set of stairs peaked out of the forest floor.

We then reached this deserted rock house that looked circa 1900 with trees growing up out of the backyard.

A stair of rocks led away out into the forest.

Looking back at the old rock house from the forest.

Approaching the rock house (with some timber siding on the upper portion) from the high trail.

A retaining wall starting to give way.

The back yard from the opposite side of the yard.

Doug, my fishing partner and brother-in-law, standing next to one of the rock retaining walls.

As we leave the old deserted rock house, looking down on our boat beached against the dam.

A nice first bass of the day.

First bass of the day got a photo taken. Doug made a good point that if we didn't photograph it and then caught nothing else, we'd never hear the end of it from the wives! The best was yet to come however.

The big bass of the day

After cranking a crank bait over submerged timber in about 15-20 feet of water and bumping it multiple times I caught this guy! This bass darted up out of the trees, grabed it and dived for the branches. Fortunately I had selected a good rod that had fast action so the rod bowed to prevent the shock of him hitting tearing the hooks loose. I then fought to keep him out of the tree limbs. 8 lbs, and way longer than my forearm.

Panorama of the private lake I fished

This panorama shot (3 separate shots composited together) show the private lake Doug and I fished. Located somewhere in central Missouri, this was a fantastic location. The beautiful log cabin mansion over looking a beautiful bass lake. I caught the second biggest bass of my life time - 8 lbs - here on this trip.

large size here -

and uber large size (be warned it is big) -

Wild Flowers on a Bush

Wild Flowers on a Bush - On a bush at the edge of the Oak savvanah at the edge of our property there are a variety of bushes like this one. This is a very up close view with a wide angle lens. I underexposed the ambient and lit with a flash on either side. One held by Brent and one by myself.