Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunset picture of the family

Sunset picture of the family, originally uploaded by carlcmc.

I think with everyone looking as cold as they did, they were a bit impatient with me making them stop for a photo. I should have used more zoom I think and then stepped back to have the flash light up more below.

Will this get mud on my boots?

Natalie wonders if this will get mud all over her boots?

Walking in the creek
Walking in the creek over the rock bed. The kids feel like explorers!

Natalie trying to wrestle angel down

Natalie tries to wrestle Angel down. The briars and sticks stick to Angel's bottom.

Walking through the oak forest
On the way back to the house after a long walk. Walking through the oak forest on the way home.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad pose for a pic.

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