Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fuzzy Yellow Baby Chick

Fuzzy Yellow Baby Chick.

We received our shipment of baby chicks from McMurray's. This is a 1-day old baby chick. It is a Buff Orpington. After I took a few photos, this one promptly laid a nice little present on my black cloth! The chicks were hatched on Saturday afternoon and arrived at the post office in Rochester by noon on Sunday. We made a second trip into town just to pick them up. We transfered them to the little swimming pool we have and dipped their beaks in water and showed them the food. The kids and Becky spent about 2 hours sitting there playing with them! Lots of 'peep peep peep ...' in the air!

According to Wikipedia:

The Orpington is a breed of chicken named after the village of Orpington in Kent county England, which was made famous in part by this breed. Belonging to the English class of chickens, it was bred to be an excellent layer with good meat quality. Their large size and soft appearance together with their rich color and gentle contours make them very attractive, and as such its popularity has grown as a show bird rather than a utility breed. Being rather heavy, they are unable to fly,[3] so they work well as backyard birds. Due to their build they do well in very cold climates. The fluff of their feathers allow rain water to penetrate their feathers, so they must be kept out of the rain.

Strobist info: SB-900 into Impact 60" reflected umbrella camera left and a bit above. SB-600 into 45" Impact shoot through umbrella camera left and behind chick. SB-800 into Wescott 43" shoot through umbrella camera right and behind chick. Fluorescent light banks left and right (4 foot, 2 bulbs, 40 watts each, 5000k color temp). Triggered with pop up flash on my D80 with commander menu setting power output. 150 watt equivalent CFL bare flood light bulb to right of chick for a bit of orange side light (at - 2 to 3 ev).

Taken with a Nikon D80.

* Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60) [+]
* Aperture: f/4.0 [+]
* Focal Length: 85 mm [+]
* ISO Speed: 160 [+]

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