Sunday, January 15, 2012

Children group photo

Children group photo, originally uploaded by Carl's Photography.

Via Flickr:
After completing our family photo, I had the children line up for this one.

Strobist info: Alien Bees 64" Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM) camera left and above with SB-900 mounted on axis/shaft with diffusion cover on positioned at the parabolic focal point. SB-800 into 45" Impact white shoot through umbrella camera left and behind the group. SB-600 into 43" white shoot through Wescott umbrella. All SBs triggered with pop up flash on Nikon D7000 in commander mode with Nikon SG-3IR IR Panel in front.

Continuous lighting: 2 Fluorescent light banks - 1 left , 1 right with each having 2 5000k 4 foot 40 watt bulbs. These are contributing exposure at -3 to -4 EV.

Shot tethered into Lightroom with IR remote.
1/200 sec at f/10 ISO 400 with "50mm f/1.8D" at 50 mm focal length on a Nikon D7000 - Visit my profile page at

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